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Power Entertainment

Sprint TVSM

Watch live TV on the go with full motion video and vivid sound. Use your phone to watch news, sports, weather, movie trailers, and entertainment channels. Watch Sprint Power View for the latest in sports, music, and entertainment news.

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Have a little fun on the go with games that you might just want to play all the time. With hundreds of games to choose from, like sports, puzzles and classic favorites, you’ll find the games that are just right for you.

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NASCAR Fanscan

Listen to the crews talk pit strategy, track conditions, handling and timing live during each NASCAR NEXTEL Cup SeriesTM race from the convenience of your Sprint PCS phone.

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Whatever kind of music you're into, Sprint Power VisionSM can deliver it right to your phone. Watch interviews with your favorite artists and get the latest music news on Sprint Power View.

  • Sprint Music StoreSM
  • SIRIUS Music
  • Streaming Music
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Experience popular websites at high speeds from your Power Vision or Vision phone.

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