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Sprint 411

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Sprint 411 is more than just phone numbers. Besides providing phone number listings, dialing 411 on your Sprint® or Nextel phone gives you access to a variety of convenient information services, such as the following:

...Restaurant reservations
...Driving directions
...Movie listings
...Information on local and regional events
...Spanish-language directory assistance
...Sports scores
...Weather conditions
...Stock quotes
...Winning lottery numbers
...Time of day
...ATM locations

Sprint 411 also provides category searches–including nearby car repair/towing, dining, and entertainment information–and reverse searches, enabling you to request the name and address for up to three phone numbers. For only $1.79 per call, plus local airtime, you can receive up to three phone numbers or pieces of information per call, and be automatically connected at no additional charge.

And now the operator can use precision location services to provide you turn-by-turn driving directions to your desired location. It couldn't be more convenient. Operators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at contact centers located throughout the United States. Start using Sprint 411 today!

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