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Nextel FanScan® In–Car Audio

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You no longer have to be in the grandstands to listen to live in–race radio communications of your favorite teams. Hear crew chiefs, spotters, owners and other crew members passing on statistics to their driver, discussing car and track conditions, planning for their next pit stop, and more.

Choose from one of ten drivers, or select the NEXTEL Cup Scan feature to track the conversations of over twenty drivers at once.

To get started, activate your Sprint PCS phone on a new line of service and subscribe to Nextel FanScan In-Car Audio. New and existing customers can subscribe to FanScan by calling *7223 (*RACE). Follow the purchase instructions to activate your FanScan subscription. To access FanScan during a race, call *RACE from your Sprint PCS phone and enjoy the action.

Premium Content Preview

Click on FanScan to hear a preview of the thrilling action as drivers and crews battle for the checkered flag!

Click on FanScan to the left to start a preview.

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Get a single Nextel FanScan race pass for $4.99 or a monthly subscription for $9.99 per month. Airtime and long–distance charges may apply, and will be billed according to your rate plan.

Driver selections are limited and may change at any time.

This service is only available to customers who are not at or near the track where the current race is running. Coverage, rate plan features, services and phone availability vary by network. The Nationwide Sprint PCS Network reaches over 250 million people. The Nextel National Network reaches over 263 million people. Terms and Conditions apply.

NASCAR, the NASCAR logo and NASCAR.COM TO GO are registered trademarks of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc. The NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series marks are used under license by NASCAR, Inc. and Nextel Communications, Inc. Details. FanScan In-Car Audio is a service of SportsCom Inc, Atlanta, GA. FanScan is a registered trademark of Racing Radios Inc. Used with permission. The FanScan service is accessed solely as a phone call; Wireless Data Services is not required to subscribe or access the FanScan Service.

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