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Sprint PCS®Mail

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Sprint PCS® Mail

This full-function email service is available to all Sprint customers. Create, send, and receive emails – including file or photo attachments – from Sprint Power VisionSM and most Sprint PCS VisionSM phones or

To create a new account, sign on to My PCS and select Sprint PCS Mail from your Online Tools. Follow the prompts and you're all set!


Yahoo! Mail

Conveniently access Yahoo! Mail along with many of your other favorite Yahoo! services, all on your Power Vision or Vision phone.


MSN® Hotmail®

Send and receive messages via your Sprint PCS phone to keep up-to-date with your email.


AOL® Mail

Just because you have shut down your computer doesn't mean you can't send or receive emails. You can keep AOL with you even while you are on the go with your Power Vision or Vision phone!


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