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Sprint TVSM

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Welcome to channel surfing, 21st century style! Take your shows on the road with live TV from Sprint Power VisionSM. Enjoy your favorites from channels you know — right on your phone, whenever you want, at broadband–like speeds.

Sprint Power View

Exclusive made for mobile video including music, entertainment and sports shot in our Sprint studio in NY and on location. Shows are updated daily. Learn More

    Sprint Power VisionSM Access Pack

  • Sprint Music – up to 10 radio channels
  • Sprint TV – NFL network, The Weather Channel, Fox Sports, E!, CNN – and more!
  • Sprint Navigation (pay per use/$2.99 day) – dodge traffic, find the nearest restaurants or lowest gas prices. See your progress on a moving map with spoken turn-by-turn directions
  • Unlimited Data Access
  • Sprint Mobile Email
  • Picture Mail
  • Unlimited Web Browsing
  • On Demand
  • NFL Mobile

    Sprint Power VisionSM TV Pack

    Everything in the Power Vision Access Pack AND MORE:
  • Sprint TV Premier – More TV. Up to 20 additional channels including live TV, national network channels and children's programming

    Sprint Power VisionSM Ultimate Pack

    Everything in the Power Vision Access, Music, TV and Navigation Packs including:
  • Sprint TV Premier
  • Sprint Music Premier
  • Unlimited Sprint Navigation

    Sprint Power VisionSM Business Pack

  • Unlimited Sprint Navigation
  • Unlimited Web and Data Access
  • On Demand – personalized News, Sports and Weather
  • Email and Instant Messaging from AOL, MSN, Yahoo!
  • Sprint TV
  • Sprint Music

Sprint TV Previews

View previews of some channels you can purchase and watch on your Power Vision or Vision Multimedia phone. Note: Not all content works on all phones.

Click a category to the left to start a preview.

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