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Sprint PCS Picture MailSM

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Want to share your experience instantly with family and friends across the country? Sprint PCS Picture Mail lets you do just that.

Use a Sprint Power VisionSM or Sprint PCS VisionSM Picture phone to take full-color digital pictures. Then either store the pictures or send them right from your phone while on the enhanced Nationwide Sprint PCS Network to a computer or other Power Vision or Vision phone.

And now you can order prints of your favorite digital photos and pick them up at leading photo centers like Ritz Camera, Wolf Camera, and Sam's Clubs.


Share your moments.

Share whatever you see—instantly.


Show personality.

Use pictures as screen savers to personalize your phone.


Put a face to your callers.

Add pictures to your Caller ID so you always know who’s calling.


Upload, archive, and share.

Easily store your pictures in a mobile photo album on your Power Vision or Vision Picture phone or in your personal Web account at


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