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Sprint to HomeSM

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Yes you can save minutes and money by signing up for Sprint to HomeSM. For just $5 a month per phone you get unlimited calls between your home and wireless phones without using any of your wireless phone anytime minutes.

Other monthly charges apply. See below for details.**

Get this great option for Free when you sign up for our residential wireline long distance plan called Sprint to HomeSM plus LD.

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Sign up today in store or call 888-823-4666.

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** Rate excludes taxes and Sprint Fees (including USF charge of up to 2.12% that varies quarterly, cost recovery fees up to $2.83 per line & state/local fees that vary by area). Sprint fees are not taxes or government required charges.

Offer expires 6/30/06. Available for calls placed to or from the designated Sprint phone number directly to or from the designated residential landline phone number (not through voice mail, directory assistance or other indirect methods). Sprint wireless account must be in good standing. Subject to credit. Other terms & restrictions apply.

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