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Voice SMS Messaging

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Voice SMS is a simple and fast way to communicate when typing is not an option. Whether it is to socialize with friends or family or to get more done, Sprint offers the best plans and the most feature rich options in the industry.

  • Voice SMS is Simple: A fast and easy way to communicate. Easier to manage than voicemail. For billing, treated just like a text message (extra data charges apply if not on a Vision plan).
  • Voice SMS is Discreet: Send a voice message without ringing the recipient's phone.
  • Voice SMS is Flexible: Voice SMS can be sent another mobile phone, to an email, or to a landline phone. Manage your inbox and outbox just like a text message. Go directly to the message without slogging through a voicemail system.

Try Voice SMS messaging! Send a voice note to any phone or email address in seconds. There is no dialing, no waiting, say what's on your mind.

Voice SMS is on select phones now - give it a try!

Voice SMS enabled handset list:

  • LG 150
  • LG 225 MR1
  • LG 350
  • LG 550
  • Motorola Frankfurt
  • Motorola Honolulu
  • Motorola Manhattan
  • Motorola Razr
  • Samsung A580
  • Samsung A640
  • Samsung A720 Sonic
  • Samsung A760 MR Samsung
  • A820 Martis
  • Samsung A840 Astro
  • Samsung A840 Astro MR
  • Samsung A900 Blade
  • Samsung A920 Juke
  • Samsung A940
  • Samsung A940 Giant
  • Samsung A960 Oracle
  • Samsung M500
  • Samsung M610 Glint
  • Sanyo 2400
  • Sanyo 4930
  • Sanyo 6600
  • Sanyo 7000
  • Sanyo 7500
  • Sanyo 8400
  • Sanyo 9000
  • Sanyo M1

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Charges: Standard text messaging rates apply. If you subscribe to a text messaging plan, messages will deduct from your plan. Data connection charges will apply if you do not subscribe to a Sprint PCS Vision plan.

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